My Love for Pottery Begins

I start off every New Year by setting a yearly goal list, and like most people’s lists some of the items on it are easily checked off, while others don’t exactly make the cut.


Since moving out to the cove, I’ve been obsessed with a small shop called the Sunnyside. For those of you who have yet to venture in there yet; it’s a get place to check out filled with cute succulents, delicious teas, my favourite cookbooks and most of all beautiful hand made ceramics.

source: heather dahl

For the longest time I’ve wanted to get back into sculpting, it feels like ages ago but I studied Sculpture and Installation at OCAD. Even though my time there was shortly lived, the skills I learnt had a profound impact on my journey in life. After admiring the works of Heather Dahl, a very talented local Vancouver pottery artist. I decided to reach out to her and figure out where she would recommend taking classes. Turns out, it was just up the road at the Northshore Community Centre. Fast forward a couple months, I finally ended up enrolling in a 13-week Intro to Wheel Work and Hand Building class. The pottery teacher is named Liz DeBeer, a wonderful woman originally from South Africa and now a practicing pottery artist on the Sunshine Coast.


Now before I dive into it the wonderful world of Pottery, let me begin by saying it isn’t for everyone. In fact, you truly need to have outmost attention to detail and patience if you want to succeed. The more classes I take, the more I realize that the foundational work is key.


I have a tendency to rush through work, as I’m eager to see the end result. With pottery much of the reward is in the process as there are many steps from the building of the clay, the trimming and decorating, to the glazing. I’m learning to love the slow progression of each stage.


I’m currently experimenting with all sorts of shapes and sizes to get a feeling for the clay. Nothing noteworthy yet, but you have to begin somewhere. Now that I’ve shared a yearly goal of mine I hope that I inspired you to get out there and cross something off your list.


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