Mt. Hood & Portland

I’ve been dreaming about a trip down to Oregon for quite a few years now. So when my boyfriend asked me to join him down to his Mt.Hood downhill race for a weekend in his old camper van “Colleen the American dream” I was over the moon excited. Seeing as Mt.Hood is fairly close to Portland we both decided it would be smart to tag on a couple extra days so that we could also explore the unique city. We packed up the van and were on the road on the Thursday after work, it was about a 7 hour drive down and the plan was to  make it half way down that evening… a pretty big commitment if you ask me. Dan convinced me to sleep in a car park over night which made for an interesting experience, definitely some good people watching. We also made some pit stops along the way including a mandatory food stock up at Trader Joe’s and a stand along coffee shop were the lady served us some brew in a bikini.campervan

20 hours later and we finally made it to Mt. Hood and set up camp in the car park for the next two days. I walked the track with Dan and then left so that he could focus on his practice runs. By that time I was itching to go for a hike and I decided to check out a local 2 hour hike down the highway that afternoon which brought me up to this beautiful secluded lake. I was tempted to stay up there a take a dip in the water but it was starting to get dark and thought it would be best to head back to camp aka the “car parking lot”. The next morning we checked out the  small town and ate some breakfast from there I hiked up to the top of Mt.Hood and along the backside while Dan had practice, After practice his parents (who also came down for the weekend) Dan and I  went to check out another watering hole down the highway which made for a beautiful view of the mountain and swim. We came back to camp and made a delicious meal and got to bed early. FullSizeRender_2

The morning of the race I had to work so I only made it up for the last half of the race. There was lots of excitement in the air as the crowds gathered in the steep technical tree section at the bottom section. After the race was finished we started to make our way to Portland driving through the beautiful country side of Mt. Hood and along the Georgia River. I wish we had a bit more time in the area to do some more exploring and camping but we wanted to make it to Portland that night to grad some great eats in town.IMG_0927

That night we ate at Pok Pok an amazing thai restaurant that is a must while in Portland. We also walked down the strip and stumbled across this beautifully designed space called Bollywood Theater, which had an amazing outdoor patio.FullSizeRender_1I definitely wish we planned to stay in Portland an extra couple of days. There was so many areas of town I wanted to explore and I think three days in Portland would have been the perfect amount of time.

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