It’s interesting how life unfolds and when the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming slowly starts coming to fruition. If I look back at only a year ago, I would have never imagined I would be taking a solo road trip down to Seattle. I mean, of course it‘s always something I’ve wanted to do but making it happen was another story. The urge to explore the outdoors, new cities and meet new people continue to build. Before leaving to head down the coast, I ended up picking up this girl named Miia, a backpacker, from Finland who had been travelling the world for the last year or so. It made the drive super interesting, especially when I figured out she was actual chef. Needless to say we spoke a lot about food and her unique travel experiences. She even ended up sharing with me some great traditional Finnish recipes that I hope to test out soon on the blog. After our three hour drive down I dropped her off in Fremont; a part of Seattle which is known for it’s quirky art community. While there I stumbled across this tasty vegan bakery called Flying Apron Bakery, where I grabbed a hot beverage and a small chocolate chip muffin. After that I continued to walk around and ended up finding this great Vintage shop and ended up picking up this small beautiful necklace and a couple vintage postcards.


From Fremont, I headed straight to the iconic Pike Place Market. Parking was a bit tricky, but I managed to find some and ended up walking around for a good hour and a half. IMG_9158The weather was on point, so despite being a friday afternoon the market was packed. I made the most of my time and wandered around soaking up the beautiful view of the ocean, fresh market fish, flowers, and of course baked treats. IMG_9154Looking back, I definitely wish I had planned more time at the market, so that I was able to pick up some fresh goods to bring back for dinner. Next trip will have to be at least two nights.

From the market, I drove to check into the Airbnb place I had booked. The last time I had used the service was while I was in Israel and the experience was equally as great. I checked into this beautiful bedroom, and met Caitlin and Chais who are a wonderful couple who made me feel right at home. Caitlin and I sat down and chatted for and she got me to try some of her homemade kombucha.  She also provided some awesome recommendations on restaurants and spots to check out while in town. That evening I went to go check out Ballard, a neighbourhood in northwest Seattle. I had a couple places in mind that I wanted to check out so I started the night out first at Walrus and the Carpenter where I ended up finding a seat up at the bar and enjoyed a few oysters and a small salad. From there I went to Ocho a spanish inspired tapas bar where I ordered a few different platers and topped it off with a deadly sweet dessert at Hot Cakes, a molton chocolate cakery.  That morning I woke up and went to a great brunch spot called Talluah’s in the Capitol Hill area. I absolutely fell in love with the decor of this spot. My tummy rather enjoyed the avocado toasts & mimosa combo too before hitting the road. Once again, it was an absolute beautiful day outside, and I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy at the thought of having to drive back to Vancouver already. But before reaching the border, I decided to stop in Bellingham to visit a friend.  While there he suggested we hike Oyster Dome, a classic trail that takes you from sea level to a stunning lookout 2,075 feet above with a 180 degree view of the Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, and Olympic Mountains. FullSizeRenderIt was one of those hikes that I will most certainly be doing again. I could have easily just stayed up there the rest of the day basking in the sun, highs of 17 degrees while enjoying a cold beverage.

Before I finish the post about my trip, I wanted to mention that this adventure wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my good friend Tyler, who not only lent me his truck but also his GPS. Without both, this trip wouldn’t have ever happened. Cheers to the PNW as it continues to amazes me. I can’t wait to discover more of the beautiful coast. 

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